Sunday, April 16, 2017

Author's note, Easter 2017

The essay below is an exploration into a way out of the ideology wars consuming what should be true political discourse— as in, what should we as a society, accomplish through private means and what through public ones.

Unfortunately, there's been a hijacking of this process by a portion of people who have an agenda based on their belief that they have the exact worldview of ultimate reality and we should be in the business of instantiating that view into reality. This group calls themselves "movement conservative". Their identifying characteristic is their use of propaganda rather than real political discourse (since they posses ultimate truth, why should they compromise?).

I see a similar move that was made by the progenitors of the Southern Plantation Culture that somehow convinced a human movement to enslave human people. How does that even happen?!

This essay is a non-typical opening into another kind of exploration.


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